Eastern Europe is well aware of the benefits of salt therapy, otherwise known as Spelotherapy or Halotherapy. In Hungary, the treatment is recommended by doctors and is even covered by health insurance. The most prominent cave was set up 150 years ago by a Polish physician who noted that salt miners didn’t suffer from lung diseases. A natural grotto was carved within the Wieliczka mines and became popular among those suffering from respiratory diseases. This mine is still in use today, as is another salt mine in Bochnia, Poland, which has been active since 1248. People suffering from allergies, neurological and rheumatoid problems as well as locomotor system dysfunction are recommended to spend significant time in the mine.

There are many benefits of Himalayan Salt including improved lung function, weight loss, detox, and balanced hormones. It’s vibrant pink color indicates that it is high in minerals and iron. Himalayan salt contains 84 different minerals that are bio-identical to your body, which means that the salt is able to communicate with your body in an efficient and quite delicate way. Hand-mined and hand-processed in the Himalayas, this salt is minimally altered meaning these untainted crystals have spent thousands of years maturing under ancient lava beds.

Relaxing in Himalayan Salt Sauna feels like you are in a womb. You feel very safe, very comforted and very protected. There is so much simplicity in just sitting in a Himalayan Salt Sauna for 15 minutes. You’ll feel like you have been on vacation without ever having leaving town.

Himalayan crystal salt creates negative ions, which have the ability to combat the effects of free radicals while producing a relaxing sensation. Much like the feeling you get at the ocean, or immediately following a storm, air charged with negative ions suppresses serotonin within the body, thereby instigating higher energy levels and positive moods. The power of fresh air is our life-blood, it effects every part of our body.

Some additional benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt are:

  • Helps fight many of the viruses that may attack your  body
  • Sessions may result in a measurable weight loss from perspiration
  • Increasing circulation to the skin, preventing cellulite
  • Relaxing heat helps ease stiff muscles
  • Increases perspiration helps rid the boy of toxins
  • Salt releases negative iOS that create a fresh, clean, bacteria-free environment
  • Great for respiratory system fo repo;e with Asthma and Allergies
  • Reducing the effects of stressful life
  • Helps regulate blood pressure, balancing blood sugar and pH acid levels
  • Reduces common signs of aging
  • Increases your body’s immune response

We are excited to bring this awesome benefit to our members. Please let us know if you have additional questions about the sauna or any of our amenities.

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